Our adhesive tapes are suitable for different branches. To find you the most suitable tape for your needs we have listed below the areas of use of the different branches a little more detailed. However, if you cannot find the suitable adhesive tape for you we will always be happy to talk with you about your requirements and find a solution together.
  • Seam sealing for tents, seam welding for tents
  • Seam sealing for sportswear as well as seam sealing for sports equipment like backpacks and rain cover
  • Seam sealing for boat persennings
  • Seam sealing for filters, seam bonding for filters
  • Seam sealing in different areas of military equipment like jackets, tents, boots etc.
  • Seam sealing for fireman's turnout gear (seal the seams of moisture barriers and protects from blood born pathogens)
  • Bonding material in the automotive sector e.g.: convertible tops, door panel, filter elements, head rests/arm rests, headliners, seats, sunroofs as well as seam sealing at the seats and head/arm rests to prevent the foam from getting pushed through the textile. Furthermore, the seams of the airbag and the convertible tops are also sealed due to prevent penedration/escape of water and air through the stitch holes.
  • Seam sealing in the medicine (autoclavable), e.g.: surgical gowns, incontinent pads, mattress covers, examining table pads etc. to protect against blood born pathogens (like AIDS and Hepatitis B).
  • Seam sealing of chemical suits to prevent the penedration of chemical substances and other hazard material
  • In dry suits/wet suits are the differnt layers (mostly nylon neoprene nylon sandwhich) bonded with rubber based epoxy. Additionally are also the seams sealed with seam sealing tapes to prevent the penedration of water.
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