Hotmelt tapes for bonding of awning fabrics

GLUETEX GmbH has succeeded in recent years, in close cooperation with manufacturers of adhesives, weavers and producers of awnings to develop a process, which significantly improves the quality of bonded awning fabrics.
Another step was the collaboration with manufacturers of ultrasonic bonding machines to automate the gluing process. The result is that more and more awning manufacturers recognize the benefits of glueing in comparison to sewing and begin to convert their production.

GLUETEX GmbH is a partner of all the producers of awnings, who would like to switch their production from sewing to glueing. Together with the suppliers the production is planned and the employees are trained. The procedure offers the manufacturer of awning systems, the possibility of developing new ways of producing textile solar protection and to accelerate innovation in their own enterprise.

GLUETEX adhesive tapes for awnings, roller blinds and other sun protection textiles are available with this link
Bonded Awnings - durable and strong
Bonded seam
Sewed Seam

GLUETEX Hotmelt adhesive tapes combine a variety of textile types, especially for textile sun protection systems and textile media. By processing on modern ultrasound, hot air and high frequency installations arise high-strength bondings for outdoor use. Thus, even tissues that normally are not welded, can be processed.

Advantages in comparison to sewing:
  • Increased strength by surface bonding
  • Water-tight seams, as made no pinholes
  • No penetration of dirt into the seam, because the edges are sealed
  • Reduced seam high due to pressurised bonding process
  • Proven resistance against aging by using UV stable adhesives
  • Nicer optics 
The reinforced multilayer tapes from GLUETEX reducing additionally the elongation of the textiles and thereby prevent the wave formation in the edge area.
Their use is particularly recommended for extensive awnings or awnings for winter garden shadings with motorized awning tensioning system.
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