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Adhesive tapes for awnings and sun protection textiles

GLUETEX Hotmelt-Adhesive Tapes of series AV and AU have been specially developed for the textile sun protection market. They have a very high resistance to UV rays, remain elastic over a long period and do not discolor. GLUETEX adhesive tapes are more than 10 years in use in the awning market and have demonstrated their outstanding quality during that time.
All products for awnings and sun protection textiles are available with this link

GLUETEX Seam Sealing Tapes

GLUETEX Seam tapes or seam sealing tapes are slit from thermoplastic adhesive films or from coated fabrics. They are applied to sewn seams of fabrics to prevent water from leaking through those seams.
GLUETEX Seam tapes or seam sealing tapes are used in various applications.
All GLUETEX seam sealing tapes are available with this link


Our keder zipper/fastener have been especially developed for vertical outdoor sun protection systems. They have a 10mm wide adhesive stripe which is placed very close to the outer edge to avoid that the edges unravel.The spiral is asymmetric quilted and has a width of 4mm.
GLUETEX Zip keders are available as a single band and can be used directly for the production process. Splitting of the Zip into two halves is not necessary.
For further information about Zip Keder follow this link

PVC Keder rope

GLUETEX PVC keder ropes are use for textile outdoor constructions.
Follow this link for our standard products.Customized sizes are available on request.

GLUETEX Polyester Hot Melt Adhesive Films PKF

Our polyester hot melt adhesive films are high performance heat activated and versatile (e.g. for fabrics, wood, metal and plastics). Outstanding advantages are mainly their resistance to laundry, the temperature resistance and of course their versatileness.

GLUETEX Urethane Hot Melt Adhesive Films UKF

Polyurethane hot melt adhesive films have good mechanical properties such as high abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, tear strength, good resilience and chemically resistant to oils, glycerol, glycol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, greases and dilute mineral acids. PU hot glue adhesive films are available with different melting temperatures. The film can be soft and elastic and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations.
Applications: Lamination of acoustic foams, flame lamination, coating of technical textiles, packaging films

GLUETEX Nylon Hot Melt Adhesive Films (Polyamide) NKF

Nylon hot melt adhesive films are mainly used for joining of fabrics (including nylon), and for fabric labels or emblems. Nylon hot glue adhesive films are very resistant to temperature, water and oil after activation. The polyamide films and tapes are supplied on release paper as increased humidity and heat can lead to adhesion of the film.

GLUETEX Ethylene Hot Melt Adhesive Films EKF

Ethylene hot melt adhesive films are used to seal porous and nonporous surfaces. Ethylene hot glue adhesive films do have a low melting point and are very cost-saving.

GLUETEX Contact Adhesives PSA

Contact adhesives have a connection with the bonded fabric if there is a light pressure. They are developed with a balance between bonding and resistance. HKF's are drafted for whether long-lasting or solvable applications.

GLUETEX Reinforced Adhesive Films RKF

Reinforced adhesive films are products with a carrier material which is coated at least on one side with an adhesive and reinforced its strength in the longitudinal direction through an integrated or attached fibers or filaments.

Customized products

GLUETEX GmbH offers beside a wide range of standard products also customized adhesive solutions. This could be special adhesive blends, film dimensions or complete new products. Adhesives may be produced on release paper or applied directly to a fabric. Adhesives that are produced on release paper can be heat laminated to fabrics, films, foils or nonwovens.

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