AF115 non-woven reinforced adhesive tape

The GLUETEX adhesive tape AF 115 is a nonwoven reinforced tape (also: welding aid for bonding) which has on both sides an UV consistent Hotmelt layer.
It has been developed especially for the bonding of coated solar protection textiles of polyacryle.
The GLUETEX hotmelt tape AF 115 can be used on hot air or ultrasonic welding plants. Therefore our tapes are also suitable for PFAFF machines like PFAFF 8320 hot-air or hot-wedge sealing equipment for progrmmed sealing and PFAFF 8390 programmable mobile welding machine (hotwedge or hot air) and PFAFF 8304 plastic heat-sealing machine for hot-wedge operation.

Product specifications:
Melting Temperature: 130 - 135 °C
Colour: white / unclear
Resistent against PVC plasticizers and UV radiation
Wash resistance up to 70°C

Standard Gauge: 0.25 mm 
Standard Width: 10 - 22 mm

Technical data sheet

Adhesive tape with non-woven inlay
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