GLUETEX zippers/fasteners PRK4

Our zipper/fastener PRK4 has been especially developed for vertical outdoor sun protection systems.

It has a 10mm wide adhesive stripe which is placed very close to the outer edge to avoid that the edges unravel.
The spiral is asymmetric quilted and has a width of 4mm.

The melting temperature of the adhesive stripe is 115°C. The process temperature should be about 20°C - 30°C higher.
The PRK4 is available in the widths 15 and 20mm as well as in different colours (standard colours are grey, black and white).

The zipper/fastener has to be welded to the outer edge of the fabric. It is used in a profil rail to guide the fabric at the full high of the roller blind.
This keeps the fabric in place even with strong wind.
You will find many of these Applications under the following names: "Fixscreen", "Zipscreen", "Ventosol" or "Zipkeder"

- there is no cracking or cuttling due to wind resistance
- no chance for insects due to everything is firmly connected to each other
- low noise due to the strong fixing (no more chattering)

The zipper/fastener PRK4 is especially suitable for ultrasonic welding, hot air welding, heat impulse and high frequency welding.

GLUETEX also offers the adhesive tape for laminating zippers. The standard minimum width is 8mm. More narrow widths on reques
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