Seam Sealing Tapes

GLUETEX Seam tapes or seam sealing tapes are slit from thermoplastic adhesive films or from coated fabrics.
They are applied to sewn seams of fabrics to prevent water from leaking through those seams.

GLUETEX Seam tapes or seam sealing tapes are used in various applications including
Seam sealing of military garments,
Seam sealing of outdoor equipment,
Seam sealing of dry / wet suits,
Seam sealing of footwear
Seam sealing of tents.

GLUETEX Seam tapes can be applied by using any of the commercially available hot air taping machines, laser or ultrasonic machinery.
Following are some machine types:
Jentschmann Ultrasonic Welding machine Weldsonic Solo
PFAFF 8303 Hot-air sealing machine for continous seam sealing
PFAFF 8330 Programmable hot-air sealing machine for continuous seam sealing
Sinclair Triad hot wedge welding system with Thermal Bonding Tape
Miller Weldmaster hot air and hot wedge welding machines
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