Seam Sealing Tape SST 782

Adhesive: Polyurethane
Membrane: Polyurethane
Melting temperature: 80°C
Standard thickness: 0.15 mm 
Standard colour: clear

Washing: yes 
Dry Cleaning: yes

Specific materials to be sealed: 
- Non-woven 
- Poly-cotton
- PVC 
- Polyurethane

Specific fabrics or coatings to be sealed: 
- Consoltex 
- Filters 
- Hydroflex
- Stedair 
- Durotech

The SST 782 is our only seam sealing tape where the membrane is thicker than the adhesive layer. It is mainly used in rain ponchos for military and on heavier PU coated fabrics with a thicker seam. However it can be also used for backpacks due to it has good abraison resistance.

Technical data sheet

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