Seam Sealing Tape SST 828

Adhesive: Polyurethane
Membrane: Polyurethane
Top Surface: Nylon
Melt Temperature: 100°C
Standard Gauge: 0.15 mm 
Standard Colour: Various Tricot

Resists: Washing, Dry Cleaning 

Specific materials to be sealed: 
- Neoprene 
- Non-wovens 
- PVC 
- Polyurethane

Specific fabrics or coatings to be sealed: 
- Clearcoats
- Xalt
- Filters 
- Goretex
- Hydroflex

The SST 828 is a 3 layer seam sealing tape with a clear membrane. The adhesive layer is a polyurethane with a high flow. It is produced in the following colours: white, black, tan, olive green, forest green, chrome, navy blue, high visibility orange, high visibility yellow and Nomex. Furthermore, it is used in the following industries: outwear, military jackets, police and EMS gear and waterproof boots.

Technical data sheet

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