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Industrial bonding technology is doubtless the joining technology of the future. As a universally utilisable key technology, it’s already meeting extremely exacting demands. Without this innovative, easy to automate joining technology which is at least as good or superior to other techniques in numerous cases,
many modern products and applications, ranging from macro to all the way down to nano-technology, would be inconceivable.
Bonding is much more than just joining various materials with greatly differing surface characteristics. Adhesives are used to transform different materials into composites with extremely high load capacities. Bonding can replace or supplement conventional joining technologies as well.
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Material test

GLUETEX GmbH has various instruments to test adhesive compounds. Furthermore, there are collaborations with independent research institutes, in which extensive material tests such as to investigate the aging behavior of the accelerated simulation of stress, can be performed.
Cracking test glued seam before
Cracking test glued seam after
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