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In the last few years GLUETEX GmbH developed many new innovative products in a close co-operation with the leading manufacturers of adhesive products and technical textiles.
After introduction of the gluing technology for sun protection textiles, GLUETEX has started in 2009 to step into new markets. Beside regular hotmelt adhesive tapes for awnings, GLUETEX offers a wide range of adhesive films (adhesive film) and adhesive foils (adhesive foil) and seam sealing tapes (seam sealing tape) for all kinds of application. Adhesive tapes (adhesive tape) and Hotmelt films (hotmelt film) are mainly used in the automotive and electro industry while Seam Sealing Tapes are used in the garment, outdoor and foot wear sector.
In co-operation with leading machine manufacturers, GLUETEX approves all adhesive products for their use under production environment. This ensures that our customers get "ready to use" and reliable products.
If you are looking for a process solution with adhesive products, please do not hesitate to call us!

Bonding – a modern key technology

Industrial bonding technology is doubtless the joining technology of the future. As a universally utilisable key technology, it’s already meeting extremely exacting demands. Without this innovative, easy to automate joining technology which is at least as good or superior to other techniques in numerous cases, 
many modern products and applications, ranging from macro to all the way down to nano-technology, would be inconceivable. 
Bonding is much more than just joining various materials with greatly differing surface characteristics. Adhesives are used to transform different materials into composites with extremely high load capacities. Bonding can replace or supplement conventional joining technologies as well.
If you are looking for a solution for your needs, please call us to discuss your project. Its a pleasure to help you!

Brochures for more information

Just to have a general overview or to receive detailed information about hotmelt and seam sealing tapes, we have uploaded some brochures. They include as well information about the bonding characteristics of our adhesives with different materials. This is the ideal start for you to find out which of our tapes would be suitable for you.

Product naming

The following names could be used for our products synonymously:
For adhesive foil-adhesive foils:
Hot melt adhesive film - Hot melt adhesive films
Hotmelt adhesive film-Hotmelt adhesive films
Hot melt-Hot melts-Hotmelt-Hotmelts
Hotmelt foil - Hotmelt foils
Hot melt foil-Hot melt foils
Heat activated film - Heat activated films
Hot melt glue- Hot melt glues
Hot glue film- Hot glue films
Hot glue adhesive-Hot glue adhesives
For adhesive tape- adhesive tapes:
Hot melt adhesive tape - Hot melt adhesive tapes
Hotmelt adhesive tape-Hotmelt adhesive tapes
Hot melt tape-Hot melt tapes
Hotmelt tape - Hotmelt tapes
Heat activated tape - Heat activated tapes
Hot melt glue tape- Hot melt glue tapes
Hot glue tape- Hot glue tapes
Hot glue adhesive tape-Hot glue adhesives tapes
Thermal bonding tape-Thermal bonding tapes
Awning glue tape-Awning glue tapes
Awning adhesive tape-Awning adhesive tapes
Reinforced adhesive tape-Reinforced adhesive tapes
Weld aid for awnings
For seam tape -seam tapes:
Seam sealing tape - Seam sealing tapes
Water proof seam tape-water proof seam tapes
Bemis tape-Bemis tapes
Seam cover tape-Seam cover tapes
Zippers - Fasteners
Zipper - Zippers
Fastener - Fasteners
Zip Keder - Zip Keders
Zip leader - Zipper leader
Zip for bonding - Bonding zip - Bonding zipper
Adhesive tape for zipper - adhesive tape for zippers
Adhesive film for zipper - Adhesive film for zippers
Zipper laminating - Laminating zippers
Zipper adhesive tape - Zipper adhesive tapes
Zipper gluing - Gluing of zippers

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